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The Gharnish

Brass Tribhanga Pose Murugun Swami

Brass Tribhanga Pose Murugun Swami

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In this brass rendition, Kartikeya also known as “Murugan”, stands in the “Tribhanga Pose”, on a majestic Kirtimukha throne. His left-hand rests confidently on his waist, radiating an aura of power and authority. His left hand forms the “Abhaya Mudra”, a gesture of fearlessness and protection, symbolising his role as a guardian deity. His spear signifies his role as a warrior god who is ready to vanquish evil forces. The peacock (mount of Kartikeya), with its foot firmly on a serpent, represents victory over ego and negativity. This sacred artwork inspires worshippers to overcome challenges with courage and righteousness.



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